Full Experience Kampong Teripang Package (Dorm Room) @ Kampong Teripang

Full Experience Kampong Teripang Package (Dorm Room)

2 hari 1 malam
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Get all the experience from Kampong Teripang, and let's indulge all your senses and relax.


  • Longdrip experience package

    Here you will get knowledge about the myths from the Chinese plain about the dragon saliva which turned out to be true rather than mere myths. Enjoy a special dish from Longdrip cafe. As well as drinks with the best collagen. You can choose one of longdrip cafe menu. After enjoying lunch, you will be invited to visit a collagen processing plant that is obtained from the best sea cucumbers from the island of Bintan. You will get a lot of knowledge that will be explained by a guide who is ready to explain all the information to you.

  • Check In @Melamun

    1.30 pm Pick up at the port, 2.00 pm Check-in @MeLamun. Get a welcome drink and enjoy your stay at MeLamun by kampong Teripang. Many activities you can do here ranging from fishing, snorkeling and even diving also you can do spa in the middle of the sea

  • BBQ Dinner

    Get the exiting experience of BBQ in the middle of the sea accompanied by the night breeze warm the night

  • breakfast

    Breakfast is ready starting from 07.00 WIB. Enjoy a special breakfast made just for you, a healthy breakfast containing the benefits of the best collagen ever found

  • sea sport

    Snorkeling in the sea ranching area to see sea cucumbers in the wild near MeLamun or Kayaking to mangrove island and sea ranching to see sea cucumber in the wild

  • check out

    12.00 WIB check out. thank you for your visit and we waiting for your next trip in Kampong Teripang

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longdrip experience package dorm room bbq breakfast free sea sport activity free flow water and tea boat Free transportation longdrip to MeLamun free underwater photo


Kampong Teripang
Jl. Betuah, Tlk. Bakau, Gn. Kijang, Kabupaten Bintan, Kepulauan Riau 29151, Indonesia
Cafe dan Tengah laut


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Full Experience Kampong Teripang Package (Dorm Room)

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Kampong Teripang
Kabupaten Bintan
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Rp 500.000/pax

2 hari 1 night
longdrip experience package, dorm room, bbq, breakfast, free sea sport activity, free flow water and tea, boat, Free transportation longdrip to MeLamun, free underwater photo

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Harga mulai dari
Rp 500.000/pax
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Aktivitas ini dikelola oleh Kampong Teripang menggunakan platform Delokal Smart Village.
Alamat: Kampong Teripang, Jalan Betuah, Teluk Bakau, Bintan Regency, Riau Islands, Indonesia
No. Telephon/WhatsApp: +6281219217595

About Kampong Teripang
Edu-ecotourism Kampong Teripang is a tourist destination which offered a recreational tourism and marine resource-based education. The development of edu-ecotourism based on sea cucumber as a marine resource is the first edu-ecotourism based on sea cucumber in the world. Since its population haven’t widely cultivated by some fishermen, we hope that soon it will give hugely beneficial impact on the economic as well as the community sector. These impacts include creative economy development, employment opportunities, skill quality improvement and socioeconomic development.